Agricultural Data Exchange – ADeX

Unleashing Data to support sustainable and efficient Agriculture.

The Agriculture sector is seeing its biggest challenge ever in feeding a growing global population, coupled with the task of reducing adverse impacts on the environment and protecting natural resources for future generations. To address these challenges farmers need access to best practices and techniques, insight into how they can most effectively use their land and resources, and help in addressing unforeseen problems and issues related to natural or man-made causes.

Data can play a key role in addressing these challenges and there are many public and private entities that can use data to create innovative data-driven services for farmers and the agricultural ecosystem. However, there are many barriers in putting the data to work. These barriers include lack of standards in representing the data, data quality issues, data security and consent issues, the ability to find pertinent data, etc.

The concept of a publicly-owned non-profit data exchange software platform that allows sharing of public and private data, while enforcing security, consent, and commercial policies, has been successfully deployed in several other sectors.

Harness the power and value of data for agriculture

ADeX will open up data to allow farmers to benefit from a variety of new data- driven services. ADeX will bring the providers and users of all pertinent agricultural data together, as well as to provide access to other information such as weather and satellite images. It will transform how farmers manage their operations by ensuring the various stakeholders in the ecosystem can collaborate and jointly participate in creating solutions. Examples of such solutions include:

  • Soil Health Management
  • Smart Farmer Credit
  • Electronic Farm Records
  • Pest Control and Management
  • Sharing of Farm Machinery

Innovative Agricultural Use Cases

Credit / Finance

Allows the Banks/Financial institutions to weigh in the credit worthiness of the farmers, to disburse loans or provide other financial support

Electronic Farm Records

Provides comprehensive archival view of all the details of a farmer, the farmland, information on tools and equipment, crop details, etc of the identified farmer/farmland

Soil health-based advisories

Supports intelligent irrigation planning on the basis of data analytics and provides information on various factors affecting soil health and corrective measures to be

Pest prediction and advisories

Helps make an informed decision to buy/apply crop protection and maintain inventory of crop protection products

Sharing Usage of Farm Machinery and Drones

Help plan for and forecast demand for machinery and labour resources